Specialty Training

REACTIVE DOG CLASSES - This is a class for dogs who bark, lunge, growl and appear angry when they meet humans or dogs in public.  This class is not to be entered into lightly.  It will last 8 Weeks, the first week will be lecture without dogs.  Dogs will wear head harnesses and basket muzzles which owners must provide. Participants will have to practice the techniques used in this class during the week (homework). Final two classes will be held in Daffin Park .  Dog must be evaluated before class, please call the trainer.  Classes will have 4 – 6 dogs.  $40.00 evaluation fee to be deducted from $250.00 class tuition.

SELECT THE RIGHT DOG – Help with selecting a dog that fits with your lifestyle. We talk about the size, energy level and age of the right dog for your family. How much time will you spend with your dog? Do you want to play, train, spend time grooming, or just hang out together? Do you prefer a mixed breed, or purebred? Do you want a rescue or do you prefer to buy from a breeder? Once these questions are answered we can help you locate and assess an appropriate dog for your needs today and your plans in the future.

PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR A NEW DOG – Dog proof your home - Systems for house training success - Choosing fair and consistent rules for a happy, well behaved dog. Our trainer’s dog also teach you and your children how to interact safely with your new dog. Package includes a 1 hour follow up session after your dog arrives to help with additional questions and issues.

PREPARING FOR A NEW BABY - They used to say, just bring home the baby’s blanket and everything will be fine. That is a good start, but there is much more you can do to keep everyone safe and calm while your dog adjusts to all of the excitement a new baby brings. We’ll discuss everything from barriers, baby noises, and safe strollers, to responsibility for dog care after the baby comes. This is a class for the whole family and your dog.

BEHAVIORAL ISSUES – House soiling, fearfulness, crate training, dog-dog reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety and other phobias on a case by case basis. Please call our trainer.
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Why Train Your Dog?
Because Manners Matter.

Dogs are family members.  They should be polite to visitors and welcome guests at picnics, parties and holiday celebrations.  We want to bring them on day trips and even extended vacations.   Don’t we all hope to have the great dog that trots happily at our side and lies quietly at our feet while the neighbors ask themselves, “Why doesn't our dog do that?”    
A great dog does not happen accidentally.  With good training, firm, fair, consistent rules, good management and a lot of fun and praise you can have the dog you've always wanted.
Our trainer, Claudia Black-Kalinsky, has been working with families and their dogs for many years.  As a full time Training and Behavior consultant at St. Hubert’s in Madison, NJ she taught 12 – 18 classes per week and worked with private clients on a variety of behavior issues.  She is certified by the CCPDT, a professional member of the APDT, and is qualified to certify AKC S.T.A.R.R. puppies and evaluate dogs for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.
She has taught classes in puppy, basic and advanced pet training, off leash readiness, therapy dog test preparation, and worked privately and in classroom settings with severely leash reactive dogs.  You can find out more about Claudia by going to her web site at www.trainthisdog.com.

Family Dog Part 1  -  Obedience Classes for Dogs 21 weeks and older. Each Part lasts 6 Weeks.  Part 1 Covers Sit, Down, Stay & Wait, Recalls (Come), Loose Leash Walking, Leave It

Family Dog Part 2 - Obedience Classes for Dogs who have completed the material in Part 1 - 6 weeks. Side, Heel, Sit/Down/Wait/Stay adding Distance, Improved Recalls, Touch (Targeting)
Students completing Part 2 may sign up for the AKC CGC test at Catnip N Biscuits http://images.akc.org/pdf/cgc/GK9GC1.pdf 

 Advance registration and vet records are required.
6 Weeks of classes: $125.00 Click here for class schedule
For information on the importance of early puppy training click this link: Click Here!
Real Life Manners - A class for 5 or fewer dogs.  Week 1 we meet at Catnip n Biscuits, other weeks we meet in Daffin Park, weather permitting.  Work on good around town manners in real situations, emphasis on loose leash walking, recalls using long lines, and sit/down stays in public places - 6 weeks.  Puppy or Family Dog 1 required.  Those who have trained at another school may request an evaluation before joining this class.
 Advance registration and vet records are required.
6 Weeks of 1 hour classes: $125.00 Click here for class schedule
Training offerings are:
Puppy Days – A six week class for the young dog between 8 and 20 weeks old at the beginning of class.  We cover Sit, Down, Recalls (Come), Loose Leash Walking, Wait/Stay, and take treats gently.  Additionally we will offer support for jumping, barking, house training, and other young dog concerns.  If the dogs are compatible there will be puppy play time. - 6 weeks Puppies attending all 6 classes may qualify for AKC S.T.A.R.R. Puppy certification. http://www.akc.org/starpuppy/test_items_pledge.cfm Proof of vaccinations required.
Advance registration and vet records are required.
6 Weeks of classes: $125.00 Click here for class schedule 
Call for details! 912-349-5838
Sign up now! Click here!
Daycare Training
Train While You Work or Play - Our Trainer will work with your dog in 1/2 hours sessions during your dog's Doggie Daycare or Boarding time.  You pick the behavior and we will help you. 
6 Weeks of 1/2 hour classes: $125.00 or $25 per class.
Pet parents are required to meet with the trainer before classes before their dog is allowed to begin. Owners will also talk with trainer upon pickup from day care as needed. Upon completion of six weeks of classes, owners will again need to meet with the trainer to insure positive progress is maintained. 
Facility Private Training
- One to One training with you and your dog, in our facility, working on what you feel is important at a time convenient to you.
Advance registration and vet records are required
1 hour private class: $40.00
On Site Private Training
- One to One training with you and your dog, at your home, working on what you feel is important at a time convenient to you.
Advance registration and vet records are required
1 hour private class: $80.00
Classes are recommended by local veterinarians to insure your pets' behavioural health.