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What We Do
Traditional Doggie Daycare
Your dog will be treated to a full day of running and playing with their barking buddies! That's what your dog looks forward to when they come to Catnip -n- Biscuits! Tons of playing! The exercise will help to control weight problems and give them an outlet for some of that pent up energy they get when just laying around at home all day. We allow your dog to have fun, then they take a much needed nap in their room. After nap, your pet will be ready for more playtime before heading home! Your precious pooch is sure to come home content and ready to spend quality time with you. 

VIP Day Care
This service is designed for dogs that  do better in a small group of dogs. VIP includes structured activities, frequent rest periods, and snacks throughout the day. Many dogs benefit from activities specifically geared to their personality and energy level. Many dogs who do not do well in a large group will thrive in this environment. All dogs who are evaluated will be evaluated for their best fit in traditional day care or VIP day care. There is a slightly higher rate for VIP day care as it included more personalized activities.

Luxury Suites
Catnip -n- Biscuits offers luxury suites for your pets! Every suite is equipped with a top of the line Kuranda dog bed and soft, plush bedding for snuggly comfort. 
When your dog stays in one of our luxury suites, they will enjoy being treated to a full day of romping in one of our fun play yards! This will help burn off energy and prevent boredom during their stay! 

Geriatric dogs may be evaluated for a stay in a suite that does not include day care, but instead includes walks. This will keep your senior dog comfy and happy. Seniors in private suite care should have add ons to insure proper exercise requirements are met. Please see our add on list when requesting a reservation.
DVD’s, and webcams are available in the suites. Please bring your dogs favorite DVD to play during his stay. 

Kitty Condos
Our condos are in a private area of our facility, far away from all the dogs and doggie noises. Cats like quiet time to play and rest. Each pet will enjoy playing in our private cat play room equipped with special cat toys and scratching chair! They will never share their playtime with another kitty so they don't have to worry about meeting the neighbors! It’s the next best thing to being home with their favorite people! Catnip -n- Biscuits is dedicated to providing only the highest quality kitty care! Your feline will be purring with happiness when they stay with us! 

Private Care
This is an option for dogs who board but can't go in the day care group. They will have a private room alone or with other family dogs. The rooms feature raised beds, a blanket, three  potty breaks per day and two meals per day (of their own food brought from home). Your pet will have a comfortable, clean, and safe place to stay while you travel. Add-on's are available,(and strongly recommended) for dogs who need positive stimulation and extra exercise/attention to keep them from being bored and to insure exercise needs are met. Please see our add on list when requestIng reservations.

All this and more is available for your pets comfort!   
What could be better than bringing a happy pet home from a day of playing at Catnip -n- Biscuits? Knowing they were safe and secure all day, or night, long will bring you peace of mind!

Baths, Pawdicures, Grooming
Please visit to schedule your pets go home spa treatment!
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