Vaccinations: All animals must be up to date on all vaccinations. We require vaccines for the safety of your pets, other pets, and to protect our facility from any infection.  

Dogs: Rabies - yearly, DHPP - yearly or according to your veterinarian, Bordetella - must be less than 6 months old. For more requirements pertaining to the Bordetella Vaccine, please click here.
The Bordetella vaccine must be administered 1 week prior to checking into the hotel and must be the intranasal vaccine.  If the Bordetella expires there is a 3 day waiting period after the vaccine is administered to enter the facility.

Cats: FVRCP, RABIES, and FELV (Feline Leukemia: outdoor cats only).  

Please email (preferred) or fax your vaccination records to 912-335-2919 or upload a copy of your pet’s most current vaccinations during the registration process. 

Dogs who attend day care must be at least 16 weeks of age and must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age. Application and vaccination records must be received before scheduling the evaluation day.  

Evaluations: Prior to day care and overnight stays, dogs must come in for an evaluation by our team of pet care attendants. All evaluations require an appointment Monday through Thursday at either 9:15am or 9:30am. The appointment is to meet with our team member to discuss your dog’s personality and behavior and should take about 15 minutes. The pet will then be given a four hour evaluation where we will determine the best day care fit for your dog. When your pet passes this evaluation, they will stay for the remainder of the day in their approved group to become acclimated to the environment. The evaluation must be paid for at the time of reservation and the fee is non refundable.

Dogs must be in general good health. We do not discriminate by breed although Pit Bulls and other bully breeds will be very carefully evaluated to insure they are a good fit for our day care group.

Day Care Disclaimer: Dogs will not be admitted into day care if there is aggressive behavior, excessive barking, mounting, biting of other dogs or staff, severe medical problems or if we feel it is not a good fit in the group. We reserve the right to deny dogs entry based on the findings during the evaluation. Dogs who are approved may be reevaluated if their behavior warrants or changes while attending day care. Dogs may also be expelled from day care groups if their behavior becomes unacceptable for the day care group. Catnip n Biscuits will do our best to work with your dog to find the appropriate day care solution for your pet’s needs. But, we reserve the right to remove any dog from a day care group due to bad behavior at any time while in our facility. Removal may be for a time out, or it may be permanent based on the behavior exhibited. We also recommend training to work on issues that arise in the day care and strongly suggest our recommendations are followed to insure the best experience for your pet. We want all pets to succeed and our team will do its best to insure their success in the group play environment.

Cat Boarding Disclaimer: Any cat acting in an aggressive manner will not be let out of their condo unless the behavior diminishes during boarding. We take the safety of the pets and our employees very seriously and will not put either in danger of getting hurt, scratched, bitten, or any other injuries cause by an animal showing aggressive behavior. We will always do what is best for your cat during boarding and they will receive exception care while staying in their condo.

Vaccinations and age requirements are the same as for day care. Puppies under one year old are required to attend day care. They will be given extra rest if they appear to be getting over tired. 

Luxury Suites: All luxury suites include day care for the duration of the stay. Dogs participating in day care while guests of the hotel will be required to come in for an evaluation day prior to their stay; dogs are required to attend day care at least 3 times in the weeks before checking in for overnight stays. 

All dogs staying in luxury suites must attend day care except geriatric dogs. Geriatric dogs must be evaluated prior to staying in a suite to insure no stress or destructive behavior and to insure we are able to meet their needs. Geriatric dogs are strongly suggested to have "add ons" during their stay to insure proper exercise needs are met.

Private Care: Dogs not meeting the day care requirements will stay in a private care room. It is strongly suggested that you provide your pet with "add-ons" for the duration of their stay. Add-ons can be added at the time of check in. Add-on activities and snacks help prevent your dog being bored or overexcited. We want all pets to have a good experience in our facility, and private care add-ons will insure your pet is happy, exercised, and content.

Please check our facility guidelines page hereYou will be asked to sign that you read and agree to the guidelines when you enter our facility for the first time.

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