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An innovative daycare program designed specifically for puppies 4 months and under!
At Catnip n Biscuits beleive your puppy should grow up to be a well adjusted, happy dog! To help with your puppies socialization, training and well being, we have developed an exclusive puppy program not found anywhere else in Savannah! We will introduce your puppy to many sounds, items, experiences, people, and other dogs in a controlled, calm, environment that is safe, fun, and comfortable. We have integrated the "Puppy's Rule of 12" in our puppy program.

This program includes:

  • Supervised socialization with puppies, adult dogs, and people!
  • Frequent, short, positive reinforcement training sessions
  • Age appropriate nap times
  • Crate training & crate games
  • Scheduled meal breaks
  • Introduction to grooming, including 2 nail trims, 2 brush-outs,
         2 ear cleanings, 2 teeth brushings, and your puppies first
        professional bath! ($125 value!)
  • 1st Day of School photo on Facebook, and weekly report cards
         from our puppy attendants.

1 Month (20 consecutive visits, M-F) – $960


  • This program runs Monday – Friday for one month. Puppies must come a minimum  of four days per week, five days per week is encouraged.
  • Designed for puppies under four months of age.
  • Dogs must be vaccinated for Bordetella and DHPP. (Rabies if over four months).

Upon completion of our puppy kindergarten your pet will graduate into our  puppy day care program. 

Adult dog daycares may be overwhelming to young puppies and can sometimes encourage undesirable habits during this stage of development. At Puppy Day Care, we encourage calm, polite behaviors during a productive, fun filled day! We also include short training sessions in the play yards to insure good dog group play and reinforce any training your pet has received.

Puppy Day Care: $30.00 per day, multi- day packages are available.